Your Small Town Insurance Agents

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We are Your Experienced Small Town Agents

Cowles-Henke-Kemmel Insurance, LLP been serving the community for more than eighty years.  We are well-trained, experienced agents who have a serious, conscientious attitude toward our clients.  We are a professional agency that provides you with the personal service you can depend on.  

We realize that insurance can be expensive, and yet it is a necessity everyone must have today.  We also understand it can be frustrating to identify and locate the protection and coverage you need personally, as well as for your business.  The small town agents at Cowles-Henke-Kemmel, LLP work to make this process easy and affordable.  Allow us to take a second look at your coverage to see if we can do something better for you.  

We Work For You

It is our priority to reduce your insurance cost and reduce your gaps in coverage.  Our staff analyzes your insurance requirements from the viewpoint of risk management.  By elimination, risk reduction, risk transfer or risk assumption the cost of your insurance package may be considerably reduced.  

We Offer You Complete
Insurance Programs

Personal Coverage includes: 

Homeowners, Renters, Condo, Farm-owners, Automobile, High Risk Auto, Motorcycles, Boats, Umbrella Liability, Valuable Property, Jewelry, Flood, and Life (Long Term Care). 

Business Coverage Includes:

Commercial Property, Commercial General Liability, Commercial Excess Liability, Workers' Compensation, and Business Automobile.

What You Can Expect

  • Complete analysis of your insurance needs.
  • Responsible protection program designed just for you.  
  • Company or companies selected to best suit your situation.
  • Competitively priced proposal.  
  • Quick action to get fair and prompt settlement of your claims.
  • Periodic reviews of the adequacy of your insurance program.  
  • We look for ways to save you money.  

Contact Us

Oakfield Office:

102 S. Main Street

Phone: 920.583.3010


Brownsville Office:

703 Main Street

Phone: 920.583.3336


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