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Auto Coverage

Auto Insurance Coverage Options 

Wisconsin Law requires that every motorist carry auto insurance.  Under the 2010 law, Wisconsin drivers are required to have an insurance policy with a minimum of $15,000 property damage coverage and $100,000 for bodily injury coverage.  In addition, policies must also offer at least $150,000 of liability coverage for death compensation.  Auto insurance coverage can often be confusing with all of the different options.  Use this article to help understand the difference in types of coverage.  

Liability Coverage 

Liability Coverage protects you from damage you do to orders or to property in an accident.  Some level of liability auto insurance coverage is required in all 50 states.   

Medical Payments Coverage can help pay medical expenses no matter who's at fault.  It covers you, your passengers, and any family members driving or riding in the insured vehicle at the time of the accident.  

Under-insured/Uninsured Motorists Coverage helps protect you from driers with little or no insurance.  Even though auto insurance is required by law, there are still drivers who put others lives at risk by not protecting themselves with an auto policy.  This coverage can help cover injuries to you or your passenger as well as repairs and expenses to your damaged car.  

Vehicle Protection - Collision and Comprehensive 

Collision Coverage helps pay for vehicle repairs if you're involved in an accident that is specifically covered by your policy.  

Comprehensive Coverage helps pay for damages on covered costs that aren't caused by a collision.  For example, if your car is covered by a storm or vandalism these would generally be covered under the 'comprehensive' portion of your policy even thought the damage was not caused by a collision.  

Additional Auto Insurance Coverage Options 

Personal Injury Protection helps reimburse you for lost income, child-care expenses, medical expenses, and some other costs if you're hurt in a covered accident.  

Towing and Labor Costs Coverage can help reimburse you for towing and other basic road-side assistance expenses.  

Rental and Reimbursement Coverage reimburses you for the cost of renting a vehicle while yours is being repaired.  

Sound System Coverage can help protect your investment of having a high-end sound system in your vehicle if it's stolen or damaged.  

To best understand your auto insurance policy, you can count on the small town agents at Cowles-Henke-Kemmel Insurance.  Give us a call today to be sure that you have the auto insurance coverage you need should the unfortunate occur.  


Click to view the video 'Auto Insurance 101' for additional information regarding types of auto insurance coverage.  

The information provided on this page was adapted from the article 'Auto Insurance Coverage Options' from Allstate Insurance.