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Renters Insurance 

Renters Insurance 

Pipes burst, a park ignites a blaze, thieves find the unlocked door, a natural disaster strikes; sometimes things just happen.  That is why renters need to take a closer look at the 'what if' scenarios when renting a property.  What if your possessions are ruined or stolen?  What if you are forced to find a new apartment?  Renters insurance protects your possessions and helps with your living expenses should unexpected circumstances arise.  

Your Neighbor's Pipe Breaks But You're the One Going Broke?

Replacing laptops and your other possessions can drain your savings in a hurry.  And what about the expenses if you're forced to live somewhere else for a while?  Hotel costs, restaurants for every meal, and even replacing all the little things like toothpaste and socks can add up quickly.  

Even if you are only 'on the road' for a couple of weeks, it can still end up costing you thousands of dollars you did not expect to spend.  It's even worse if you end up needing a new security deposit and the first month's rent.  Can you really afford this out of pocket expense?  For most the answer is 'no'.  This is exactly why a renters insurance policy makes so much sense, especially when relocation and replacement protection starts at about $17 a month.  

To best understand a renters insurance policy, you can count on the small town agents at Cowles Henke Kemmel Insurance.  Give us a call today to be sure that you have the renters insurance coverage you need should the unfortunate occur.  


Click the view this video about the importance of a Renters Insurance policy.  

                                                   The information provided on this page was adapted from the article 'Renters Insurance, Smart Protection for Your Stuff' from Allstate Insurance.