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Don't Forget Your Umbrella

Why Do I Need the Protection of a Personal Umbrella Policy?

Exposure to million dollar liability losses is no longer limited to large companies and the very rich.  Individuals like yourself are being held accountable with increasingly large settlements.  Your chances of becoming a target of a huge lawsuit are growing.  One unfortunate situation could trigger a domino effect, toppling everything you have worked for.  Your hard earned savings, your personal property, even your future earnings could be at risk.  The more you own in property and other assets, the more you stand to lose.  So, protect your assets and your family with a Personal Liability Umbrella Policy from Cowles Henke Kemmel Insurance.  

What is a Personal Liability Umbrella Policy?

Auto, home, and farm insurance policies provide primary liability protection.  A Personal Liability Umbrella Policy extends your coverage by adding a layer of protection over and above your primary limits.  Should a loss exhaust your primary liability coverage, a personal liability umbrella policy could pay an additional $1 million or more in covered damages  

Do I Really Have That Much Exposure?

The following losses demonstrate the growing need for personal umbrella coverage:

  • During a heavy rainstorm, a driver's visibility was hampered.  The driver crossed the center line and an approaching vehicle head-on, fatally injuring one occupant and seriously injuring three others.  The $250,000/$500,000 per occurrence bodily injury limits of the driver's auto policy were insufficient to settle all claims.  However, thanks to the added protection of a Cowles Henke Kemmel Insurance Personal Liability Umbrella Policy, additional $1 million was available to satisfy the claim.  
  • While playing miniature golf, a teenager swung a club and accidentally struck a friend in the eye.  The friend lost the eye and required further reconstructive surgery.  The claim settlement went well beyond the $500,000 liability limit of the family's homeowner policy.  The remainder was settled through the additional $1 million coverage provided by a Cowles Henke Kemmel Insurance Personal Liability Umbrella Policy.  
  • While driving his tractor down the road, a farmer's vision became obstructed by equipment as he attempted to turn.  The tractor collided with a motorcycle, causing permanent injuries to the cyclist.  The claim exhausted the family's Farm Policy.  Fortunately, the farmer was protected for the excess amount under his personal umbrella policy.  

Coverage Provided 

Cowles Henke Kemmel Insurance's Personal Liability Umbrella Policy supplements your primary liability coverage for automobiles and motorcycles, primary residences, seasonal homes, most types of watercraft, recreational vehicles, and one or two-family rental dwellings.  For liability losses covered by your primary policies, there is no deductible under the umbrella policy once you have exhausted your primary limits.  Your umbrella policy will also cover certain claim and defense expenses relating to a lawsuit we defend.  

To best understand a Personal Liability Umbrella insurance policy, you can count on the small town agents at Cowles Henke Kemmel Insurance. Give us a call today to be sure that you have the liability umbrella insurance coverage you need should the unfortunate occur.  


Click to view the video for a quick lesson on a Personal Liability Umbrella Policy.  

                                                                  The information provided on this page was adapted from the article 'Don't Forget Your Umbrella'from American Family  Insurance.